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Take it Down a Notch, Bruce...

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DC Comics Are America

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Baby Sees Superman Fly For the First Time

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Sorry Lex, No One Cares About Your Hairstyle

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Superman Vs Hulk

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Why Do Superheroes Where Their Underwear On The Outside?

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Batman Always Has the Best Gadgets

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Henry Cavill Was Busy Playing World of Warcraft When Snyder Offered Him the Role as Superman

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I Learned So Much

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Superman? More Like Stupor Man, AMIRITE?

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If There's One Thing Superhero Movies Needed, It Was More Glowing Eyes

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Pepper Potts Can Take Care of Herself

funny ironman Pepper Potts Can Take Care of Herself
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Lex Loves Mechs

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But Superman Is a Complete Jerk...

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Bat Chef Only Works In One Symbol

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Just Do it Flash!!!

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