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Puns are basically half-jokes that died somewhere along the way on their journey towards being funny, and that makes some people laugh.

Your Knockers, David Bowie Would Approve

cosplay labyrinth puns - 8304865792
Via shewolfstudios

Tennant Tenants Only

IRL David Tennant puns - 7607600128
Via timelordy-teganbreann

Hitting That Blunt Hard

ash ketchum drugs puns - 8604657408
By memefield

Did Someone Say.... Surprise?

the one where pinkie pie knows twilight sparkle puns surprise fluttershy - 8746607616
By TehCoffee

Rad Hobby

twilight sparkle puns - 8381615616
By maorows (Via empyu)

What is a Ghost's Favorite Show on the CW?

puns halloween - 7835361280
By Unknown

Puns Make The World Go Round

brony puns MLP - 8105399040
Weird stock photos as characters from the umbrella academy | heinouspurification Follow Characters umbrella academy as random stock images found art class. Luther man with giant fists | Ben ghost sheet in a hat and glasses

Tumblr Fun: 'The Umbrella Academy' Characters As Weird Stock Photos

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Looking Good, Dawn

pokemon memes trainer dawn
Via pokemon-global-academy

Is There a Life Note?

anime puns death note - 8409441280
Via Death Note

Alcohol Wars

alcohol star wars booze puns after 12 - 8009979392
By Unknown

Scatological Puns

Walking Dad Jokes Rick Grimes puns - 8419170048
Via MemeWh

How Aura You Guys?

puns Pokémon lucario web comics - 8375451392
Via beapeabear

Where's Peter Cup-aldi

doctor who David Tennant Matt Smith puns - 8168490240
Via Sher-Hotson


cheerilee puns MLP - 8413345024
By DeathByCupcakes

Cannabilism is Hilarious

terminus bob puns - 8409603328
Via CecyTrejo
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