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Puns are basically half-jokes that died somewhere along the way on their journey towards being funny, and that makes some people laugh.

The Crown A-Pun Her Head

puns princess twilight - 8428076800
Created by Nicolas_M

No One Screws Up Like Gaston

Beauty and the Beast Gaston disney puns - 8416976640
Via rhiasofia

The Avatar Will Take Korravit

puns cartoons Avatar - 7840379904
Created by Unknown

DJ Loki Kills

Via ComicMovieWonderland

Dr. Grover, PunHD

Sesame Street puns - 6069723648

What Happens When Batman Goes To A Strip Club?

batman bruce wayne puns - 8114864384
Via m7781
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Puns for the Mined, Bawdy and Sole

There's a time and a place for puns.
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Puns Can Be Amazing

baseball puns flutterbat - 7977876736
Created by BloodyThumbsDown

I Fear Something Has Gone A-Rye

Battle best of week bread poochyena puns truant - 5146448896

Ever Been Fullmetal Alchepissed?

Via deadpoolsheik

A Doctor of Many Colors

doctor who puns classic who - 7932739840
Created by S1MP50N ( Via s1mp50n )

Star Trek Puns Are Fantastic

tshirts puns Star Trek - 8213689344
Via NeatoShop

Move It, Gimpy

puns bobs-burgers cartoons - 7640745984
Created by Unknown

My Precious!

toys puns The Hobbit - 7929613312
Created by Unknown


puns the simpsons - 8754056192
Created by tamaleknight

It Was A Good Day for Carlos

magic school bus rock puns - 8110283264
Created by maorows