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Puns are basically half-jokes that died somewhere along the way on their journey towards being funny, and that makes some people laugh.

Saving Hu-Manatees

puns tshirts - 8181798656
Created by Michael Holmes ( Via We Are Viral )
puns Video - 76094721

You Thought Katniss Was Calling for the Baker Boy This Whole Time? Think Again

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I Call Her Rainbow Cash

puns piggy bank rainbow dash - 8312361728
Created by maorows


dead parenting puns The Walking Dead water zombie - 6179959040
See all captions Created by mimi55

I Don't Understand All This Acorn Drama

Fan Art alicorn twilight sparkle puns - 8463078912
Created by DeathByCupcakes ( Via zutheskunk )

There's No Shaymin Loving These Valentines

puns pokepuns Valentines day - 7062739200
Created by PokePixel ( Via The-Blue-Pangolin )

Logical Cat

puns Star Trek Cats - 8119680512
Via Google

Rainbow Rocks

jokes rainbow rocks puns - 8527335680
Created by Glan_von_Brylan

Dalek Archaeologists Ex-ca-vate, Ex-ca-vate

Via ToneCartoons

Epic Plot Device ;)

puns fluttershy - 8577337856
Created by Bulk_biceps

Incoming for Sandviches

puns Pokémon Team Fortress 2 rain - 8326118400
Created by Phantasos

So Much Pun

puns - 6834888704
Created by Unknown

The Toughest Superhero in the 100 Acres Woods

puns winnie the pooh image - 8762673920
Created by Acevedismos ( Via )

Taco Belle

Beauty and the Beast disney disney princesses puns for sale - 8200479232
Created by digitalastronaut ( Via redbubble )

I've Run Out Of Name-Based Puns

rainbow rocks puns sonata dusk - 8361874688
Created by Sephiroth1993

Alcohol Wars

alcohol star wars booze puns after 12 - 8009979392
Created by Unknown