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WoW! Get a Load of These Cupcakes

world of warcraft cute cupcakes noms video games - 7567024640
Via elliesmeria

You Can Be Just Like Gareth When You Eat These Walking Dead Sugar Cookies

noms The Walking Dead cookies - 8397681920
Via BettaBakery on Etsy

Plants Vs Cupcakes

cupcakes noms video games - 7734925568
Via nomyumgnome

Ho-kago Tea Time - The K-on Cake

cake art noms - 6995224576
Created by BrownGaijin

Oh My God, They Ate Kenny

South Park cookies cartoons noms - 8070753024
Created by Unknown

Iron Man Cake

marvel cakes iron man noms - 7673254912
Created by andremurrai ( Via ZeekConfeitaria )

Dalek Burrito with Kelad Sauce

doctor who noms - 6936058880
Created by aneautor ( Via Ace-Ahio Gordon Grant Wagstaff )

At Least He Tastes Alright

cannibalism puns noms The Walking Dead - 8353385216
Via primal007

Incredible Cocktail

It Came From the It Came From the Interwebz noms - 6442309120
Created by annalucylle ( Via annalucylle )

Spider Treats

halloween noms - 8335833344
Via MarveliciousToys

Can't Tell If Science or Art

bento Fan Art noms Portal video games - 6089325056
Created by sassyfox

Rapunzel, Rapunzel, Let Down Your Fondant

cake tangled rapunzel noms - 7567035904
Via divarte

Better Hope He Doesn't Taste Like a Walking Carpet

food chewbacca star wars noms - 7938045952
Created by Unknown

There's No Time to Eat You; We've Got to Save the World

marvel DC cute cupcakes superheroes noms - 7740801280
Via Ana_Fuji

Prepare Your Tastebuds to be Assimilated

cake Star Trek noms - 7827667968
Created by Unknown


flutterbat noms fluttershy - 8761725952
Created by Cody_1091 ( Via Scarlet Spectrum )