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Need a New Breakfast Idea?

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Feed The Full Slytherin House With This Cake

cake DIY snake noms - 8330213376
Via kckristi

Jabba the Cake

cupcakes jabba the hutt noms - 7938080512
Via fredr096

Think He Tastes Like Chicken?

Tokyo Otaku Mode bento noms - 7013357824
Via Mosogourmet on Tokyo Otaku Mode
christmas tardis gingerbread noms - 67015681

Classic Christmas Who: Make Your Own Gingerbread Tardis

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Target Spotted

princess celestia noms delicious - 8397896192
By NaClson (Via crestfallencelestia)

Spider Treats

halloween noms - 8335833344
Via MarveliciousToys

Adventure Time IRL

adventure time cartoons noms - 6593511936
By captqitn

Sunbread Shimmer

sunset shimmer noms delicious - 8422173952
By maorows (Via deathnyan)

Take a Bite Out of a Big Daddy

bento big daddy bioshock Fan Art noms video games - 6320935936
Via Anna the Red

Better Not Eat All the Balloons

cake disney up movies pixar noms - 7033028864
By RidinTheRainbow (Via Wendy Updegraff)

Now That Twinkies are Back, Use Them to Make Minion Cupcakes

minions despicable me cupcakes noms - 8009405184
By Unknown

One Cake to Make Me Fat

cake Fan Art Lord of the Rings noms - 6125737472
By Unknown

The Noming Multiplies

Fan Art mashup rainbow dash noms - 7893792256
By TrebleCleft (Via tr3bl3-cl3ft)

Om Nom Nom!

gifs anime noms - 8054515200
By YakuzaDuragon

I Should Go on a Diet

anime food noms - 8059663872
By YakuzaDuragon
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