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Please Let That be a Fruit Syrup

cake Game of Thrones noms - 7974985728
Created by thegirlwiththepeacocktattoo

The Hungry Games

books cupcakes It Came From the Interwebz movies noms hunger games - 6013877248
Created by Unknown

Oh Rly?

anime noms - 8049176064
Created by Unknown

Take a Bite Out of a Big Daddy

bento big daddy bioshock Fan Art noms video games - 6320935936
Via Anna the Red

Happy Hunger Games Day!

books cake Fan Art movies noms hunger games - 6019080192
Created by Unknown
cake transformers optimus prime noms - 73848833

This Cake Is Just Here To Remind You How Lame Your Birthday Was

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Learn to Make This Amazing Red Velvet Dalek Cake

daleks cakes doctor who DIY noms - 7807084800
Via BBC Doctor Who

It's Not Easy Being a Cake Pop

It Came From the Interwebz muppets noms - 5423867392
Via Bakerella


food noms pizza pokeball Pokémon - 6553480704
Created by iismoogle

It's Dangerous to Be Alone on Your Birthday! Take This

cake companion cube Fan Art noms Portal video games - 5523277056
Created by thesignpainter

Angry Birds: Citrus Edition

angry birds noms - 7130893568
Created by Jesusinthehood

I Should Go on a Diet

anime food noms - 8059663872
Created by YakuzaDuragon

My Tasty Totoro

anime cake my neighbor totoro totoro noms - 8231776768
Via hello-naomi

Adventure Time IRL

adventure time cartoons noms - 6593511936
Created by captqitn

Mabel Inspired Rainbow Cupcakes

cupcakes gravity falls DIY noms - 7978003968
Via 24 Olive Street
doctor who noms Video - 48985089

I'm Still Not Sure About Fish Fingers and Custard

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