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So Close, Yet So Far...

magikarp mods minecraft Pokémon - 7936991744
Created by MollYRokzkitteh

The Reaction Professors

comic gyarados magikarp Professors reaction guys - 5467547136
Created by BlacKat1221

Gyarados Escalates Quickly

gyarados magikarp meme - 6591229184
Created by Jared Arnell

This Car Has an Awesome Decal

magikarp IRL splash pokemon x/y - 8038452224
Created by Unknown

The Most Useless Shoes

Fan Art magikarp Pokémon shoes - 6367083264
Via sleepyheadkl

I See What You Did There

aladdin best of week crossover magikarp meme Memes Movie - 5336943616
Via Exploding Zombies
Pokémon magikarp pokemon go music video - 81773313

The Official Magikarp Music Video Is Here, and It's a Glorious Anthem for All the Lovable Losers out There

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That's Just Mean

Pokémemes magikarp - 8989902592
Via deadpoolsheik

Maybe This Event Won't Be So Great After All

magikarp pokemon problems - 7053871872
Created by Unknown

Gotta Draw 'Em All

school magikarp drawing - 6639992320
Via drawgirl98

Magikarp's Long Lost Brother

magikarp - 8756773376
Created by Joshawott_

The Truth Hurts

gyarados Pokémon school magikarp - 7401427200
Via JHALLpokemon

Om Nom Nom

Pokémon magikarp hats - 7062243072
Via Etsy

Magikarp 1234

art magikarp pokemon types - 7802476800
Via travale

Magikarp's so OP He Don't Even Need That Fight, Bro

Via pokememes4you

Time for the Day Care Center

gyarados magikarp Memes quote - 6450840320
Created by Unknown