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Karp Toss!

magikarp gifs clauncher - 7934941184
Via PeekingBoo

Maybe This Event Won't Be So Great After All

magikarp pokemon problems - 7053871872
By Unknown

Later on After Autopsy, It Was Determined Arceus Fainted Due to Natural Causes

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Even the Game Hates on Magikarp

Pokémon ORAS magikarp - 8386185984

When Kanto is in Ashes, You Have Permission to Black Out

magikarp splash the dark knight - 7101851392
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In Honor of Throwback Thursday, Remember When James First Got That Magikarp?

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The Only Zubat You'll Ever Want

cosplay magikarp pikachu Pokémon video games zubat - 5949370368
By Unknown

Magikarp Salesman is Doing You a Favor

magikarp splash - 6894276096
Via e-lodicolo

I Have Never More Wished That Pokémon Were Real

pokemon memes gyarados wtf r u looking at


cartoons magikarp - 8355900928
By Sgt.Green

Magikarp Bait

magikarp Fan Art - 8578023424
By Derp-a-derp (Via pre00)

For My First Trick I Will Evolve Into Gyarados

Pokémon art magikarp - 7778883840
Via MyNameIsMad

Only Took Twenty Levels

gyarados magikarp meme Pokémemes - 6490979840
By Ian Gregg

I Challenge You All

best of week Challenge Accepted elite four gameplay Hall of Fame magikarp - 5845100288
By Unknown

Gyarados Escalates Quickly

gyarados magikarp meme - 6591229184
By Jared Arnell

Soon Enough My Boy, Soon Enough......

magikarp gyarados - 7977243648
By YakuzaDuragon (Via nganlamsong)
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