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Tackle and Flail

elite four flail magikarp Memes ridiculously photogenic guy tackle - 6095458816
By Unknown

Karpe Die-m

Via pokemon.lolz

Lake Valor

magikarp - 8563716096
By Unknown

Magikarp Bait

magikarp Fan Art - 8578023424
By Derp-a-derp (Via pre00)

That Confidence Has to Come from Somewhere

jhallcomics magikarp comics arceus - 7414537216
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Glub Glub

pokemon memes magikarp fan art
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I Thought Everyone Did

Confession Bear magikarp meme Memes - 6461253376
By OHSBrony

Potential Has Value

gyarados magikarp potential - 7055651328
By Unknown

This Is Such a Struggle

best of week gameplay gifs magikarp splash struggle - 5407001600
By Unknown

Another Freaking Magikarp

gifs fishing magikarp awesome - 6739358208
Via mukurowl

Splash Hard

magikarp gifs splash - 8563963136
By Luchabro

The Most Useless Shoes

Fan Art magikarp Pokémon shoes - 6367083264
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best of week magikarp meme Memes nigel thornberry Pokémemes - 6393818368
By Unknown

You Can Do Anything if You Just Believe It!

magikarp Pokémon - 7949369600

Pokémon Splish and Pokémon Splash

Pokémon magikarp tumblr box art - 8407803392
Via treecko007

Just Look at It...

trailers magikarp Game Freak - 6954316544
By Gabo2oo