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We've been served up some unexpected renditions of the infamous Godzilla; from the box-jawed mother of Matthew Broderick's 1998 version to the more recent 2014 encounter Bryan Cranston had with what might as well have been the mystery beast from Cloverfield.

Anyone see that? Nope? Oh, okay. End credits.

Great promise lies on the approaching summer horizon with the coming release of Godzilla: Resurgence. This will be the first Japanese Godzilla movie in over 10 year's time.

The new dropped photos of the supposed production designs employed to bring life to the newest Godzilla were reportedly leaked by a fan group on Twitter on Saturday.

What we have as the best fan theory proposed so far, kind of not really, is that this is the original 1954 Godzilla that somehow managed to start up with regenerating itself.

According to i09 this Godzilla is some kind of 'hybrid' design, never until now attempted in a Japanese Production. This production design weds computer graphics with a gigantic tower of a doll of rippling red muscle that portrays much resemblance to that of an anatomy chart.

Godzilla will once again take on King Kong in a new moview.
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Do you want reboots? Because this is how you get reboots?

The enormous recycling center that is Hollywood is at it again as it eyes a move towards updating the 1962 film King Kong vs. Godzilla for today's discernible audiences.

Based probably off the critical and financial success of last year's Godzilla reboot, movie executives are probably looking to put that boot on a new foot and have a clash of the titans that's not Clash of the Titans.

Deadline Hollywood got the exclusive:

In a movie move that portends a clash of giant monsters, Legendary Pictures' Thomas Tull is moving his untitled Skull Island King Kong film to Warner Bros. This is being done to unite the property with Legendary's other giant franchise, Godzilla. In what would be a pretty epic pairing, the Godzilla sequel that is in the works will be followed by a movie that pits the giant ape versus the giant fire breathing reptile. I'm told this is happening very quickly with moves going all the way to Japan, where Godzilla rights holder Toho is based.

The last one gave us some great gifs, so maybe we should hope for more of those at least.