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Cute is a subjective word used for describing small, pleasing and non-threatening features, typically found on people, animals, objects and even ideas.

Formal Time, C'mon Tie Your Ties

accessories cute for sale cartoons adventure time - 6959030016
Via Etsy

I Can't Take the Sad Turtle Face

TMNT sad face wtf cute - 6630649856
By Sosuke

He Will Destroy Us All... With Cutness!

cute bunny wtf explosion - 6700267776
By stitchfan

Even Mascots Love Ponyfinder

plushies cute board games - 8549550336
By nuku_v

Cute Gengar a Thing?

art gengar cute omg - 6816057344
By Unknown

Actually Just Trying to Complete the Ice Gym Puzzle

art ice types cute comic swinub - 6891375616
Via cornythesnowman

What's Yours?

Awesome Art cute dangerous secret identity - 5707033600
By xyzpdq1

Very Few Are Worthy

dogs thor superheroes Very Few Are Worthy
Via MacMansen

Daw Time

art brace yourselves Bronies cute meme ponify - 5557657600
By ConservativeGiggles

Zomg! This Oddish is a Planter

pokemon memes oddish planter
Via tallymark2

Best Pals Right Here


Diglett Wednesday: n.n

anime cute diglett diglett wednesday pikachu tv-movies - 6202916096
By Unknown

The Marvel Hype Train is Adorable

Via comics-headers

Sometimes Pikachu Chooses You

IRL cute pikachu - 8247920640
Via Sina117

Something's Missing...

derpy hooves comics cute - 7114684928
By wcclark (Via devastator1775)

Special Talent Revealed

Via veggie55