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My God...

pinkie pie cupcakes - 8585545216
Via samspuppy

Cupcake Joy

IRL pinkie pie cupcakes funny - 5267787520
Created by ChiChiRocket

Don't Try The Cupcakes

Via FlutterThrash

I Will Bake Them into My Cupcakes!

baking cupcakes delicious tears - 6527495936
Created by RetroRainbowDash

The Claw Chooses Who Will Go Into My Belly

disney toy story pixar cupcakes noms - 6984876800
Created by Unknown

Needs More Frosting

cupcakes frosting meme pinkie pie - 5329200640
Created by PinkieSurprise

Doctor Cakes

tardis 11th Doctor cupcakes - 8038123008
Via Nerd Ache Cakes

Dashie is Real Upset Because of This

Memes cupcakes rainbow dash - 7688180992
Created by amokoma

Cupcakes Will Be Unleashed By Pinkamena

cupcakes pinkamena diane pie ponies present wings - 5224140288
Created by Unknown

Cupcake Sparkle

twilight sparkle cupcakes - 8998216192
Created by VisforYoshi ( Via Popcorn Puffs )

Pinkie Pie Approves of Cupcake ATM

cupcakes IRL - 5920267520
Created by Achika ( Via Laist )

Muffins Vs Cupcakes

Via shutterflye

Good Intentions Celestia: Cupcakes

cupcakes good intentions celestia meme pinkie pie rainbow dash - 5717744128
Created by nephykupo

One Is a Chicken, the Other's Insane

best of week brain comics crazy cupcakes pinkie pie pinky and the brain - 5445478400
Created by bconnolly

Twilight's Favorite Cupcakes

books cupcakes IRL twilight sparkle - 6488450816
Created by Achika

Don't Make Pinkie Lose

best of week comics cupcakes pinkie pie rainbow dash tetris - 5499101952
Created by kgbjunior