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Seems Legit

crossover cupcakes pinkamena diane pie pinkie pie - 5269925376
Created by SirKilmoreRyan

There's No Time to Eat You; We've Got to Save the World

marvel DC cute cupcakes superheroes noms - 7740801280
Via Ana_Fuji

Want a Bite?

pinkamena cupcakes dj PON-3 - 7676012544
Created by BloodyThumbsDown

The Purest of All Cupcake Decorations

daleks cupcakes etsy - 8114917376
Via Charming Madness on Etsy

Don't Make Me Choose!

cake cupcakes pinkie pie - 5001751296

Breaking More Than the Fourth Wall

cupcakes fourth wall gifs pinkamena pinkie pie the internets - 6414791168
Created by TehCoffee

Do You Want This Cupcake, Tia?

art cupcakes celestia - 7421202944
Created by wcclark ( Via kasaler )

How About I Tell a Story?

cupcakes story Scootaloo rainbow dash - 6868543232
Created by lisamariefan

It's Cupcake Time

cupcakes meme pinkie promise - 5723009792
Created by icanhazmetallica

Holy Cupcakes Batman!

batman catwoman cupcakes food Random Heroics - 4986250752
Created by ekahnicole

So Many Delicious Heroes

cupcakes delicious - 7432750848
Created by Unknown

Which Do You Prefer?

best of week comic comics cupcakes derpy hooves muffins pie pinkie pie - 5602987264
Created by Bendyrulz

I Have No Idea What You're Talking About

cupcakes drugs gifs pinkie pie the internets - 6497090560
Created by Defender_of_5

IRL Cupcakes: Did You Make Sure Everypony Had the Same Amount of Frosting?

comics cupcakes frosting IRL pink swirl - 5315260416
Created by Koolfox

Mission Accomplished!

cupcakes IRL pinkie pie rainbow - 5122943488
Created by ParanoidPenguin

The Cashier is Definitely Not a Brony

cupcakes build a bear rainbow dash Rage Comics - 7384917504
Created by ddude530