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My Friends Are Balloons

pinkie pie pinkamena cupcakes - 6851315712
Created by Sahnghyun

Phillysophy 101

cupcakes life pinkie pie - 5043133696
Created by DeathByCupcakes

Soon, Cupcakes For Every Pony!

cupcakes pinkie pie SOON spike - 5024604160
Created by jenii_monstar
cupcakes Movie trailers Video - 23734785

Requiem for a Pony

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The Hungry Games

books cupcakes It Came From the Interwebz movies noms hunger games - 6013877248
Created by Unknown

Mane Six Cupcakes

awesome best of week cupcakes food IRL yummy - 5537731840
Created by Unknown

Best Cupcakes Ever!

comics cupcakes discord pinkamena diane pie - 5319970048
Created by .dmt.brony
Bronies cupcakes fanfic my little pony - 28691969


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I Didn't 'Vacuum' Was an Attack

cupcakes eat Psyduck - 4973281536
Created by Unknown

Making Cupcakes While Tired

applejack comics cupcakes tired - 5269170432
Created by Bendyrulz

Does That Make Insulin Chaos?

MLP cupcakes diabeetus - 8251192064
Created by lord_spamalot

A Link to Diabetes

cupcakes Fan Art legend of zelda noms video games - 5914100224
Via The Sweet Treat Leap

Diglett Cupcakes

cupcakes diglett diglett wednesday snacks Pokémon - 8355321600
Via gjarz

Wanna Be My Friend?

cupcakes facebook pinkamena diane pie pinkie pie the internets - 5760814336
Created by Ptor987

Mocking Cakes

cupcakes Fan Art movies noms hunger games - 6148660736
Created by Emptaze ( Via eternaltale )

Super Delicious

awesome Awesome Art cupcakes delicious food symbols - 4831246592
Created by abifit