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Lugia is a Real Jerk

ho-oh comics lugia - 7599585280
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It Really Made Me Smile

comics love MLP Music smile song - 5858743808
By ohrearry

Revenge is a Dish Best Served Hot

youngster joey top percentage comics rattata - 7539484160
By DineshThePoet (Via Smack Jeeves)

Brony Conversion Process

brony comic comics conversion rainbow dash - 6436050944
By DJ_BR0N-3

Marvel's Mad Titan Thanos Is Getting His Own Comic Series, and Writer Jeff Lemire Talks About Thanos' New Mission Statement

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It Doesn't Matter if Flareon Has No Moves

eeveelutions comics eevee flareon funny - 7514278656
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Oh What's up Childhood Trauma, You're Looking Nice

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That Feel of Renewing

DC comics - 6771408896
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comic comics derpy hooves garfield - 6044563968
By cucu10000

Pinkie Pie Won the Game

4th wall comics life pinkie pie the game - 5563813120
By cupcakesisblasphemy


family guy comics Scootaloo - 6848294656
By slyor64

Some Ponies...

comics cooking dragon rarity smoke Sweetie Belle - 5431424256
By Fancydancer

These Shoes Were Made for Fandom

batman best of week comics doctor who Fan Art fashion Lord of the Rings movies scifi shoes The Avengers hunger games - 6203454720
By lonlia

Welcome to the Herd

best of week comic comics the herd welcome - 5322268416
By jinrex015

*Benny Hill theme plays*

batman beyond comics - 8607988736
By tamaleknight

My Little Mustang

comic comics horse - 6441165824
By PonyBro