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Killer Croc Actor from Suicide Squad Says He'd Watch a Video Every Day of a Dutch Woman Being Eaten, to Get in Character

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Hey There, Haddocks!

comics Fan Art How to train your dragon movies Tintin - 6152640256
By muppetpuppet (Via Wilhorse)

Colossal Body Paint

comics cosplay marvel movies xmen - 6174092800
By Serrena (Via Cosplay Overload)

Picard Pie

best of week brony comics picard pinkie pie Star Trek tears - 5254699520
By DougEstile

Have a Nice HoneyMOON

banished celestia comic comics moon wedding - 6124655360
By Cubonator

Words to Live By!

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Bloo Joins the Herd!

awesome bloo comic comics - 6268594432
By rofljay

Do Not Cross the Beams!

trixie comics fluttershy - 6832933376
By Kanrabat

You Don't Gossip About Celestia

celestia comics cutie mark crusaders new episode twilight sparkle - 6052886272
By Cubonator

Being Productive Is For Losers

Bronies comics ponies saturday twilight sparkle - 5925350912
By RedHawk247

Ashleigh Ball

applejack comic comics rainbow dash voice actor - 5790688256
By JoPa04

Oh God! Why Excalibur?

Pokémon comics unova - 7642919424
By Memeboy2

Tim Miller's Trying to Move Mountains to Unite Deadpool and Spider-Man on the Big Screen Eventually

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Nine Lives of a Feline Fatale

catwoman comics cosplay DC - 6089923584
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I'm Doing This Every Break

comic comics my little pony season 3 - 6333489152
By Srwillk

Quiet? I'm the Only One Cheering!

comics fluttershy louder yay - 5279281920
By thetrudude