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No, But Seriously, This is What Luna Played for 1,000 Years

comics princess celestia luna - 7156026368
By Bronynomous

Quilladin Gets The Last Laugh

chesnaught quilladin comics - 7836478464
By ZoltronTV (Via zoltrondraws)

Pinkie Pie's Favorite Joke

comic comics joke physics pinkie pie rainbow dash - 5881130752
By ladydestinae

Deathstroke's New Look Revealed

deathstroke comics superheroes - 8818760960
Via DCComicsNews

The Only Sanity Left in the World

break comics - 5816318208
By Lord_Murdock

Who Needs HMs?

hms Pokémon comics - 7195485440
Via Epic Artifex

Serious Questions

Pokémon comics web comics - 7821374208
Via paperbeatsscissors

The Most Powerful Gems in Comics

comics infographics - 7787988992
By georgeoptarg (Via Brilliance)

Don't Ever Yell at Fluttershy

comic comics fluttershy gilda - 6206231040
By Cubonator

A Cat Always Lands on Her Feet

black cat comics cosplay marvel - 5439909888
Via BadLuckKitty

MLP Canon Gets Weirder and Weirder

canon comics fluttershy meme my little pony Scootaloo Sweetie Belle weird - 5672680960
By urkelbot666

Pinkie Hooves

best of week comics derpy hooves pinkie pie ponysona - 5771731456
By SkySceneRock (Via

Castiel Nails The Only Prerequisite For The Batman Job Posting

batman comics wings - 8080978176
Via theconsulting-angel-of-time

It's Just a Random Cover...

marble pie comics Big Macintosh - 8598474240
By zaboomafoo1

Defaced My Monitor for Ponies

best of week comics glasses ponies - 5960879360
By InternationalTCK

Your Friendly Neighborhood Pinkie Pie

comics pinkie pie ponify Spider-Man - 6022789888
By Somepony1296