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bear comics fatality fluttershy luna season 2 snap - 5343288064
By DougEstile

Friendship Is Magic Anime-Style by Mauroz

twilight sparkle comics pinkie pie princess celestia - 8596306688
By Charelz (Via Mauroz)

To The...

batman comics robin - 7906535168
Via Iguana Mouth

TMNT Vs. Predator

TMNT comics Predator - 6971856128
By Sosuke

Mysterious Escape

awesome comic comics mare do well meme rainbow dash - 5499468032
By Unknown

Don't Break a Hip

12th Doctor comics - 8334939904
Via orange4angel

And That's How Equestria Was Destroyed

boom comics pinkie pie twilight sparkle - 6307216640
By Herb1990

Trixie Was Right!

trixie wheels comics omg - 6830754304
By Raguna_Ash

4th Wallz and Stuffz

fourth wall comics pinkie pie - 6776846592
By asianlad (Via a51an-pwn3)

Don't You Feel Bad Taking Away a Held Item?

comics dawww berries pikachu - 7346097920
Via erratic-werebunny

Cranky Captain Ginyu

best of week comics cranky doodle donkey Dragon Ball Z voice actor - 5862927104
By ChickenSqueeze

Enjoy Your Banishment

banished comics princess celestia spike to the moon - 6000721664
By _Justin_

One Is a Chicken, the Other's Insane

best of week brain comics crazy cupcakes pinkie pie pinky and the brain - 5445478400
By bconnolly

Not at All

comics twilight - 6709848064
By hachan

The Comic vs the Show

walking dead comic vs show characters
Via icotoledme


Via Bong Dazo