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I Know It's April First, but I Would Totally Play This

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The Iconic, the Glorious, the Ridiculous and Everything in Between That Defined World of Warcraft

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Blizzard Just Sued an Overwatch Cheat-Maker on the Premise That They're Costing the Company Millions

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It's Hiiiigh Nooon!

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Blizzard Finally Breaks the Silence on Why They Shut Down World of Warcraft Nostalrius Server

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Overwatch's New Map Is Set In Germany

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Guy Shamelessly Pleads to Blizzard to Let Him Play Overwatch for Free, but Gets Rejected in the Best Way Possible

Coverage guy writes please for a free game from Blizzard and gets rejected in the best way possible.
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Bob's Burgers Combined With Overwatch Makes For One Funny Crossover

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Blizzard Announces New PvP FPS, Overwatch

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Team Overwatch 2: Overwatch Dubbed With Team Fortress 2 Voices

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Overwatch's Newest Comic Confirms the Game's First Queer Character

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Latest Overwatch Patch Is Here, and High Noon Has Officially Passed Partners

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This Raw Overwatch Diss Track Has It out for McCree

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This Overwatch Widowmaker Cosplay Is Red Hot, and Might Just Be Best to Hit the Internet Yet

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Happy 16th Birthday, Ya Beautiful Bastard!

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Awkward blizzard dating FAIL - 1074949

Guy's Girlfriend Cries out Overwatch Character's Name in the Heat of Passion, and He Made the Mistake of Asking the Internet about It

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