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Those Words...Is it Even Possible to Use Them Together In A Sentence Like That?!

apples applejack rainbow dash - 8142807808
By Lunapalooza

My Pants Are Tight!

applejack fan service apples - 8047734272
By Paper_Weight

Eye of The Beholder

spike applejack trenderhoof rarity apples - 8058500352
By Thunder_Blitz

Dashie Is a Silly Pony

applejack silly apples rainbow dash - 7815439616
By maorows

Thanks, Applejack's Family!

applejack Bronies apples Rage Comics - 6863383808
By RainbowDashIsAwesome

Fair Trade!

snow white apples - 7036060416
By Unknown

Applejack is Best Pony

applejack ponies apples - 7381017600
By genadiayx


apples applebloom Fan Art - 8361242624
Via twilite-sparkleplz
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