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Eye of The Beholder

spike applejack trenderhoof rarity apples - 8058500352
By Thunder_Blitz

Apple is Love. Apple is Life.

apples applejack - 7976676096
By BloodyThumbsDown

Officially Endorsed.

Big Macintosh meme apples - 7866639872
By Coltvoyance

Better End It Now

nightmare apples - 8459325184
By DeathByCupcakes (Via

AJ Ain't Got a Care in the World

apples applejack - 7976292352
By BloodyThumbsDown

Put Some Hoof Grease Into It

applejack apples bobbing for apples - 8025918720
By Lord_Kloko

TFW Apples

applejack apples - 8745605120
Via Top Shelf Blog [NSFW]

Applejack, The Food Critique

applejack food apples - 7872071168
By Dulcet-Ebullience

For All Your Clopping Needs

apples clopping crossover trixie - 5688473856
By kgbjunior


apples meme - 6241734144
By Mortuaryjoe

Troll Trenderhoof

applejack trenderhoof apples - 8049322496
By achtung

Dashie Is a Silly Pony

applejack silly apples rainbow dash - 7815439616
By maorows

My Pants Are Tight!

applejack fan service apples - 8047734272
By Paper_Weight

Applejack is Best Pony

applejack ponies apples - 7381017600
By genadiayx

I'd Like to Buy All of Your Apples

apple bloom SpongeBob SquarePants apples - 7548918528
By Mewtron

Don't Disturb Her

applebloom apples the internets - 6486142720
By GeneralLlamaSauce
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