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They Really Meant "Apples To The Core"

apple bloom apples - 8482603264
By ThatGuyOnTheInterweb

TFW Apples

applejack apples - 8745605120
Via Top Shelf Blog [NSFW]

Put Some Hoof Grease Into It

applejack apples bobbing for apples - 8025918720
By Lord_Kloko

Apples Away!

applejack my people need me apples - 6673292800
By sickpuppy555

Troll Trenderhoof

applejack trenderhoof apples - 8049322496
By achtung

Apple is Love. Apple is Life.

apples applejack - 7976676096
By BloodyThumbsDown


applejack twilight sparkle apples - 7862442752
By lankymanbrony

Who Are You And What Have You Done With Applejack?

apples applejack web comics - 8235485440
Via Three-Apples

Applejack's Big Test

applejack granny smith apples - 8143812352
By neilthenerd (Via drawponies)

AJ Ain't Got a Care in the World

apples applejack - 7976292352
By BloodyThumbsDown

Got A New Apple

apples fluttershy Fan Art - 7976705024
By Qwertzuy (Via sugarbuzzstudio)

Who Needs TLC When You Have DDT?

applejack apple bloom apples - 8105782272
By BETAchocolate

Implying That You Can Have Too Many Apples?

applejack apples math - 7349922816
By MrYumzYumz

Impulse Purchases

applejack apples comic comics shopping - 6323797248
By Bronynomous

I Thought It Was an Apple Bottom...

applejack bewbs apples - 8364545536
By maorows

Don't Disturb Her

applebloom apples the internets - 6486142720
By GeneralLlamaSauce