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Simple Anime Math

anime death note - 7880128512
By Derp-a-derp (Via santiagoash)

Paying Tribute

anime gohan Dragon Ball Z vegeta goku - 8973289472
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Take That!

dragon ball z gif
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anime Dragon Ball Z Video - 74020865

Why Cooler Hates Frieza the Most

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How to Destroy Someone's Eardrums

gifs anime hunterxhunter - 8547518976
By FlyNeverFall

Dusknoir is So Nice to Help Prof. Oak

anime professor oak Pokémon - 8406825984
By Driguana (Via kiva-la)

I'm Not Even Mad, Honey

wife in bed with my neighbor totoro
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I Think I See Where This is Going

anime memes my son is called trunks

Meet Nani and Sore

gifs anime kill la kill - 8096163840
By maorows


anime gifs akame ga kill - 8332128256
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That Face When You're a Dullahan and Your Lover Falls From the Skies

anime reaction - 8762137344
By maorows

That's Gonna Hurt... a Lot

gifs theoftenrightgal anime - 8396429824
By YakuzaDuragon

Scumbag Test

anime Pokémon whos-that-pokemon - 7904697856
By cainey

This Cat is My Spirit Animal

anime sailor moon Cats - 8321089280

Megaton Punch

Pokémon mega charizard X gifs anime - 7832735488
By Sosuke

Chibi Chibiusa

anime cosplay sailor moon - 6341438208
By littlegreenman2 (Via Carmi Carmii)