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Created by APShark

Protagonists' Problems. Even They Can't Stop It...

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Created by jman1088

Gettin' Real Tired of Your Antics, Kakashi

cosplay anime naruto - 7819331584
Created by Unknown

This Should Replace the Old Anime

anime ash Badass TV tv-movies - 6242657792
Created by Megamean09

After The Revolution

anime cosplay hetalia manga - 6568389888
Created by DoodlesOfPoodlesEatingNoodles ( Via azuooooo )

This Week, on "Name That Anime!"

anime fluttershy - 8567527936
Created by TomOldman
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Monster High the Anime

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Every Group Project Has That One Person

gifs anime reaction gifs - 8393280768
Created by tamaleknight

Attack on Cosplay

cosplay anime attack on titan - 8197013504
Via drabblemeister

It Was Snake's Doing

gifs anime - 8583258368
Created by Zefiros

Smooth Moves

anime fairy tail - 8024587264
Created by Sangolovesmiroku

Squeeze You Until Your Eyes Pop

anime memes hug you to death
Via google

Wait, You're Not a Ghost

anime cosplay manga - 6302631936
Created by Bronte

Make Note of the Important Things

gifs anime yaoi - 8401851904
Via playing-with-reality

Senketsu Is Not Food

Pokémon anime pokemon sun and moon - 8799143936
Created by maorows

I Have Given All I Can to You People

anime memes naruto creator let me rest
Via bakabt