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A Lesson From Sailor Mars

gifs anime sailor moon - 8357765120
By Unknown
anime birds Video JoJo's Bizarre Adventure - 64084225

Someone Taught Their Bird to Oraora Rush

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anime music video - 64837633

Music Video of the Day: Pharrell Williams Goes Anime in His New Video for "It Girl"

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Animal Crossing Online

anime Sword Art Online sao - 8013355776
By tsquared112 (Via miiverse)

They Were White

bewbees anime - 8601603072
By Luchabro (Via TWT)
anime for sale studio ghibli - 66499329

These Studio Ghibli Music Boxes are Absolutely Adorable

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Keima, Anime's #1 Gamer

anime video games - 7500097536
By DJNightmar3

Add Some Battling and This is Accurate

anime - 7958420480
By Unknown

Dem Udders

anime bewbees - 8003376896
By memefield

When Bae Senses Water Underground

bewbees gifs anime memefield pls - 8754447872
By memefield

Gimme the Booty

anime attack on titan booty - 7950286592
By ConnVolpe

Don't Mix em' Up!

anime gifs that looks naughty - 8451844608
By ChinChillin

A Successor Has Been Chosen

news anime manga - 7730329088
By Anonymous84

Since I'm Not Popular, I'll Become a Pokémon Trainer

crossover Pokémon WataMote anime - 7883168000
By Derp-a-derp


donuts gifs anime vegeta - 8483248384
By tamaleknight

Never Judge a Dvd by It's Cover

anime lol gintama - 8768961792
By Mamalugia (Via zotaku)
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