Geek Universe


Choose Wisely

futurama my little pony TV - 6439820544
Created by Rainbowdashlover12

I Can't Eat Them Fast Enough

pinkie pie TV yum - 5717380608
Created by Unknown

Watch Out for Your Shadow

courage the cowardly dog fluttershy i know that feel shadow TV - 6223174400
Created by Cubonator

Is It Tuesday AGAIN?!

gifs Supernatural TV - 6570069248
Created by Unknown

Bow Down to the Master

cartoons childhood lauren faust powerpuff girls TV - 6371848192
Created by biggestelk

I Reject Your Reality

awesome best of week gifs meme nope reality TV - 5393785344
Created by SirKilmoreRyan

Newspapers, How Do They Work?

seems legit TV - 6060883968
Created by roborider

It Really Ties The Room Together

actor amc Andrew Lincoln funny Jon Bernthal The Walking Dead TV - 6021622016
See all captions Created by cratchmaster

The Flag Makes the Leaders...

celestia luna seems legit TV - 5576767744
Created by Fuchsvogel

This is Going to Be Epic

Bronies epic my little pony The Avengers TV - 6327053056
Created by darkwr4ith

Messed Up Timelines

cutie mark TV tv show - 5152296192
Created by huskychao

Is There a Doctor in the House?

crisis doctor whooves its-about-time time travel TV - 5958416896
Created by sandman-ivan

Stupid Tourists

best of week fluttershy gifs gtfo TV - 5926463488
Created by sora205

I'm a Unicorn!

comic comics magic TV unicorn - 6077631232
Created by Loserificus

Keep Calm and Blink

gifs TV what - 6124217600
Created by -DoABarrelRoll-

Move Over Colbert

birthday colbert TV - 5495724288
Created by Unknown