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Kermit Wants to Be Back on TV

cannot unsee cranky doodle frog TV - 5863013376
Created by RedHawk247

And She's the Devil

best of week pony secret TV - 5343048192
Created by SirKilmoreRyan

SPOILERS: Hearth's Warming Eve

new episode TV yay - 5572012800
Created by Rurounizanza

Some Kid and a Couple of Dudes, I Think?

daryl dixon TV zombie The Walking Dead - 7254419712
Created by Unknown

Spike's Solution to Spam Mail

letters princess celestia spike TV - 5243285248
Created by unanonymous

Pinkie Doesn't Seem to Get Sarcasm

cranky doodle donkey derp pinkie pie sarcasm TV - 5916837376
Created by ladydestinae

Praise Celestia

fluttershy jersey shore meme TV - 6552891392
Created by RetroRainbowDash

My Little Powerpuff Girls

cartoons crossover faust powerpuff girls TV - 5372208896
Created by ParanoidPenguin

There's Never Enough Screen Time to go Around

amc boba fett funny Hall of Fame Movie norman reedus star wars The Walking Dead TV - 6004961536
Via The Walking Dead Funny

Breaking In

shoes breaking bad Fan Art TV - 6899260160
Created by Maggie


my little pony season 2 spike TV - 5692045056
Created by hippiellama

Dat Dean

community crossover Fan Art mass effect TV video games - 6414116608
Via obiruskenobi

Everypony Help

cutie mark Party pinkie pie TV - 5693002752
Created by FieryPony


canon TV television - 7151859712
Created by TomSFox

My How You've Grown

anime ash evolution TV tv-movies - 5706253312
Created by Unknown

Pass the Napkins

gifs rainbow dash TV - 5793331968
Created by Rainbow_Dash_The_Awesome