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fluttershy TV want - 5512858624
By Bendyrulz

So Much Shining Armor

meme royal wedding shining armor TV yo dawg - 6169275648
By Bizzul

Barney Loves Ponies

ponies TV - 6235084032
By Unknown

Saddest Moment in History

crying fluttershy futurama meme TV - 6411682816
By ohrearry


gifs Andrew Lincoln amc TV funny The Walking Dead - 7047212544
Via Lucrezia Lannister

A Derp in the Life

amazing derpy hooves new episode season 3 TV - 6033309696
By Unknown

It's Pokey Smokes!

cutie mark TV - 6257412352
By Dakota P

Teenage Robot Angst

cartoons gundam It Came From the It Came From the Interwebz TV - 6442548736
By masterfeja

Too Much CMC, Not Enough Fluttershy

cutie mark crusaders fluttershy mane six Scootaloo TV tv show - 5430464256
By macmcjones

Doesn't Matter, Has Applejack

applejack chimicherrychanga pinkie pie rarity TV - 5733858304
By DeltaBrony


Andrew Lincoln Movie actor amc TV funny The Walking Dead - 6772368896
By HannickelLecter

The Best Foalsitter

cadance filly gifs TV twilight sparkle - 6141588480
By Unknown

The Colt-Bert Report

colt rainbow dash stephen colbert TV - 5040907776
By Unknown

The Comic vs the Show

walking dead comic vs show characters
Via icotoledme

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Question on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire

Bronies TV - 7013262848
Via ThatSpazzyKid
x men TV animated cartoons superheroes Theme Song Video - 80305921

Honest Trailers Absolutely Kills It This Week With Their Take on X-Men: The Animated Series

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