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10 unexpected celebrity cameos in movies and TV | thumbnail includes two pictures including matt Damon as Loki and brad Pitt in Deadpool

Surprise Star Power: 10 Unexpected Cameos in Popular TV Shows and Movies

We have to admit, Brad Pitt's cameo is our favorite
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Reasons LOST Was the Best and worst Science Fiction Show | thumbnail includes a pictures of all the characters of LOST

5 Reasons LOST Was the Best Science Fiction Show Ever! (And 5 Reasons Why It Was the Worst)

Say it with us... 4,8,15,16,23, and... 42
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5 video games that deserve a TV adaptation | thumbnail includes two pictures including mass effect and red dead redemption

The Next Big TV Adaptations: 5 Video Game Plots That Deserve the Spotlight

These games have some of the best plots in any medium
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time for a buffy the vampire slayer remake | thumbnail includes two pictures including buffy the vampire slayer and zendaya

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Time for a Modern 'Stake' on the Cult Classic TV Show

This show was the best thing on TV at the time
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The last of us cosplay pictures | thumbnail includes two pictures including a cosplay of ellie hugging joel and a young ellie

“The Last of Us” Season 1 Finale Delivers and We Celebrate With 12 Amazing Cosplay Pictures

When you're lost in the dark...
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A video containing MANDALORIAN Season 3 Episode 2 BREAKDOWN | thumbnail includes Bo-Katan, Obi wan Kenobi and the eye of the mythosaur

So what WAS that giant dragon on The Mandalorian season 3 Episode 2?

How can Pedro Pascal look good even with a bucket over his head?!
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Things people are fans of but are ashamed of | WreckNRepeat 13.6k points 1 day ago 1984 s probably my favorite book, but never met another person whose favorite book is 1984 who wasn't completely insufferable.

Things People are Ashamed to Be Fans Of

Liking something can get complicated.
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tinder date that invited a whole bunch of men

Twitter Thread Tells How Tinder Temptress Tricks Dozens Into Her Personal Bootleg “Bachelorette”

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Artwork improvements by Dave Pollot on thrift shop finds

An Artist Inserted Pop Culture Into Thrift Store Paintings to Make Beautifully Modern Works of Art

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Funny meme dealing with political dealbreakers, thai political cartoon, ajit pai, net neutrality, fcc, game of thrones, politics.

This Webcomic About Deal Breakers Is Getting Meme'd To Hell And Back

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Incase you didn't hear already

agent coulson TV avengers - 6669972480
Created by HEELHousell

When the World Fails You, There's Always TV

rick and morty gifs TV - 8969606400
Via ricknmortyquotes
geek hbo Game of Thrones Cowboys awesome TV Video - 80868609

HBO Debuts Westworld Trailer and It's Pretty Much Game of Thrones with a Bunch of Robot Cowboys

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Game of Thrones TV - 822277

What if Other Popular TV Shows Had House Sigils Like in Game of Thrones

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Burt Kwouk of Pink Panther and James Bond Passes Away at 85

x men TV animated cartoons superheroes Theme Song Video - 80305921

Honest Trailers Absolutely Kills It This Week With Their Take on X-Men: The Animated Series

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