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Lights, camera, action! It's movie night and time to take a look back at these favorite characters, and how funny they can really be.

Those Are Some Strong Urinals

costume hulk Movie Super Costume Thor - 6192230400
By Unknown

Mewtwo's New Form

Pokémon news Movie Japan mewtwo - 7244714752
By Unknown

Teenage Mutant Ninja Spider

Movie Spider-Man Super-Lols TMNT - 6279217664
By Unknown

There's Never Enough Screen Time to go Around

amc boba fett funny Hall of Fame Movie norman reedus star wars The Walking Dead TV - 6004961536
Via The Walking Dead Funny
trailers wonder woman Movie fan - 48068097

This Wonder Woman Trailer Looks Awesome

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Took the Words Outta My Mouth

comic dumb jigglypuff Movie twilight - 5779720192
By alejandro17

When They Are Gone...

comic Home Alone Movie - 6560946688
By NicolasOwl

You Won't Cry, They Said

Sad Pokémon Movie the feels - 6861953280
By Chafuter

You Thought Alicorn Twilight Was Bad

Movie noooooo - 7055162880
By peppermint_nightmare
annoying batman dark knight Movie Random Heroics Video - 39768321

The Dark Knight watches The Dark Knight Rises

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The Perfect Role for Him

wtf Movie professor x - 7108257792
By Mr_T-shirt

The New Wolverine Movie Poster

poster Movie wolverine - 6878059008
Via Marvel

Feyd and Rabban Harkonen - Dune

cosplay Movie - 5361083904
Via Jo's Costuming

ROFLrazzi: Fury Nails It

actor chris hemsworth funny gifs Movie Samuel L Jackson The Avengers - 6618777600
Via Paper in the Moon

This Movie Got WAY Weirder

bane dark knight Movie weird - 6545332224
By DudeGuy87

Should Have Gone to Unova

Pokémon Movie - 6730810368
By pighorn7