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Lights, camera, action! It's movie night and time to take a look back at these favorite characters, and how funny they can really be.

This Is Why I Watch Slasher Pics

Movie - 6705637888
By xyzpdq1

Where Do I Get the Pokéball?

bills-pc Movie Pokémon - 6567927296
By Unknown

A Dream JLA Cast

Movie actors - 6922228736
By Unknown

Movie Magic

cgi iron man magic Movie - 6517100544
By Unknown

ROFLrazzi: "The Avengers" are Back in Action!

actor chris evans chris hemsworth mark ruffalo Movie robert downey jr summer blockbusters The Avengers - 6554473984
By Unknown

The Big Lepony

awesome best of week bowling cameo Movie TV - 5426668288
By ABHomeEntertainment

Winter Soldier Looks Nuts, As in Insane

crazy Movie winter soldier funny - 7565910528
By Unknown

Well, He's a More Interesting Character

batman dark knight joker Movie Super-Lols - 5941942528
See all captions By cratchmaster

We Just Have to Keep it Together

Movie Hasbro - 7054222592
By S1MP50N (Via s1mp50n)

That Dog Is Toast

dogs Harley Quinn Movie Super-Lols - 6283992576
By Unknown

He Loves To Listen

blind daredevil Movie Super-Lols - 5250471424
By jhonnyjhonny1

AWESOME Just Awesome

Movie - 6941717760
By cjmeirick

Tony Stark's New Groove

funny Movie disney The Avengers Thor loki categoryimage categoryvoting-page - 6652654592
Via Ginger Haze

The Human Scolipede

crossover Movie scary scolipede - 5398565632
By Cas42

A Fistful of Ponies

apple bloom Movie twist diamond tiara - 6656048384
By shrott

Sharpedo Used Crunch

art classic crossover Movie sharpedo torchic - 5747316480
By Unknown