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Lights, camera, action! It's movie night and time to take a look back at these favorite characters, and how funny they can really be.

The Wolverine: Teaser Poster

art poster Movie actor hugh jackman - 6720503040
Via Coming Soon

Frickin' Lasers

Movie austin powers - 6855635456
By BlackSeventeen

On the War(machine) Path

warmachine Movie iron patriot iron man 3 - 7061881856
By Unknown

Do You Recognize It All Covered In Bodies?

Firefly model Movie serenity whedonverse - 5649160960
Via Quantum Mechanix

You Look Familiar Somehow

animation Movie - 6488719616
By Unknown

Hawkeye...the Trolling Avenger

avengers Black Widow iron man Movie Thor - 5299641344
By Unknown

Those Are Some Strong Urinals

costume hulk Movie Super Costume Thor - 6192230400
By Unknown
cupcakes Movie trailers Video - 23734785

Requiem for a Pony

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They're MARVEL-ous

Black Widow dat ass hawkeye lady bags Movie Super-Lols Thor - 5181217024
By Unknown

Batman Approves!

Movie thumbs up batman - 7153920512
By Snurkles McGee
twitter deadpool Movie ryan reynolds - 508677

A History of The Deadpool Movie As Told By Ryan Reynolds' Twitter

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Orbital Friendship Cannon: Fire at Will

Movie orbital friendship cannon rainbow dash war - 5086161152
By Unknown

Tucker is Also a Brony!

brony Movie nickelodeon ponies - 5353172736
By CheeseChips

Brony Club

comic comics Movie - 6336304640
By Myreal


Movie twilight The Walking Dead zombie - 5358205696
See all captions By bdburnside

Wait, That's Not David Bowie?

best of week cosplay labyrinth Movie - 5439785472
Via Sandman-AC
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