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Built Her Myself

tardis doctor who DIY - 7121281280
By carawrx3

Be That Frood Who Knows Where His Towel Is, With This DIY Messenger Bag

Hitchhikers Guide To the Galaxy DIY - 8129746944
Via nerd-by-night

Harry Potter Nails

Harry Potter DIY nail art - 7715708416
By Serrena (Via The Nailasaurus)

Frolicking Haunters

Fan Art DIY haunter - 8753361408
By CrisisKitteh (Via ChibiSayuri)

Need a New Key Organizer? Look in Your Toy Bin.

DIY lego nerdgasm g rated win - 8224874240
Via I Heart Chaos

Does It Come With a Flute Alarm Clock?

DIY Pillow Pokémon - 7252547328
By sylvchen
avengers awesome crafts DIY lamp - 499973

How To Make Your Own Avengers Lamp

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Make Your Holidays Magical With a Harry Potter Themed Christmas Tree

harry potter christmas tree
Via Epbot

The Best Star Wars Furniture

DIY star wars - 7897993984
By Unknown

We Promise These Brains Won't Turn You Into a Zombie

food DIY halloween noms - 8354118912
Via rickabamboo

Want Your Shower to be Splashing?

Fan Art cartoons DIY - 7688420608
Via my-little-mod-blog
fallout DIY video games Video - 65714177

Make Your Own Light Up Nuka Cola Quantum

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You can't handle these lumps!

cartoons DIY adventure time - 7686866432
By mezzycheezburger

Make These Mushroom Rolls for Your Next Brawl

DIY noms video games mario - 7655080448
By Unknown

Tardis Converse!

shoes accessories tardis doctor who DIY - 6935111168
By rjoyfult

Adorable, His Expression Is

baby yoda DIY - 7044311040
By Unknown