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DIY 3DMG Blade

cosplay attack on titan DIY - 8062556416
Via Cosplay Ruined My Life

World's Best Wife Creates a Special Surprise for Her Husband for Fallout 4

video games wife creates fallout 4 surprise for husband
Via pinkymoon

Got a Cut While Fighting a Baddie?

DIY adventure time - 7348761088
By Unknown

Jake the Cake and Finn the Piñata

cake cartoons DIY noms adventure time - 7704484096
By Senalishia

Chandelure Lamp

pokemon memes chandelure lamp
Via kuyaandre
back to the future DIY design nerdgasm g rated win - 65505537

Quadcopter Are Boring, but DeLorean Quadcopters? Now We're Talking.

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The Shoes You're Looking For

DIY star wars r2d2 - 8127997952
Via Mikeasaurus on Instructables

Star Wars Flakes

star wars snowflakes DIY - 7930688000
By Gordon Wheaton
sonic screwdriver 10th doctor doctor who DIY - 74259457

Making Your Own Sonic Screwdriver

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Pokémon badges DIY - 72850433

Make Your Own Gym Badges

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Beanbag Iron Throne

Via nerd-by-night

Make Your Own Tom Baker Scarf Rug

4th doctor DIY classic who - 8337317632
Via Our Nerd Home

I Asked Santa for a Master Sword

christmas DIY video games - 6862049024
By wnbowen
r2d2 scifi star wars list DIY - 492549

Beep Boop Beep! This DIY Will Help You Turn Your Old VW Bus Into R2D2!

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Old Timey Companion

companion cube DIY video games portal 2 - 7707254272
Via Pace
doctor who DIY nerdgasm Video tardis g rated win - 56914945

Making a Life-Sized Flying TARDIS

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