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Galifreyan Troubadours Will Want to Get Their Hands on This

tardis for sale doctor who DIY funny - 7777310976
Via Geeks Are Sexy

Make These Mushroom Rolls for Your Next Brawl

DIY noms video games mario - 7655080448
By Unknown

T-Virus Containment Vehicle?

cars nerdgasm DIY video games - 8384401408
By EnzeruSarel
DIY Star Trek Video - 52297985

Did Someone Say NERF Vulcan Sentry Gun?

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cosplay iron man DIY - 73263105

Become Tony Stark With This Homemade Arc Reactor

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lightsaber star wars DIY - 77650689

Watch a Bunch of Dudes Attack Each Other With an Almost Real Lightsaber

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This Sweet Dragon is Made Entirely From Ball Joints!

dragons DIY - 7780724736
Via Geekologie

Fezzes Are Cool

FEZ 11th Doctor DIY - 8140076800
Via coonymoony

This DIY Bedroom is Thinking With Portals

Portal DIY - 8026657024
Via Portal Bedroom
doctor who DIY nerdgasm Video tardis g rated win - 56914945

Making a Life-Sized Flying TARDIS

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Adorable, His Expression Is

baby yoda DIY - 7044311040
By Unknown

DIY: Home made superpower

cyclops DIY laser pointer Random Heroics wtf - 5776280576
By daredavil2099
shinies DIY Video pokemon x/y - 56019713

DIY Automatic Shiny Finder

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A Cheap DIY Costume For Whovians Everywhere

costume DIY halloween - 8340879872
Via doctormac

Cylon Cookies are Surprisingly Easy to Make

scifi Battlestar Galactica cookies DIY noms - 7688830720
By Unknown

You can't handle these lumps!

cartoons DIY adventure time - 7686866432
By mezzycheezburger
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