Who Doesn't Want Ice Cream?

alfred batman ice cream Sad Straight off the Page - 6204085760
Created by jomodospike

Let Me Get My Charcoal

Sad - 6122353408
Created by KarmasReaper

Rorschach Expressions Test

Awesome Art crying face rorschach Sad superheroes - 5887604480
Created by Zakael

Nothing But Sadness

kamen rider Sad Super-Lols - 5768739328
Created by Sosuke

Batman Already Did It

crime robin Sad Super-Lols - 5715142656
Created by Doodmead

The Saddest of Hex

Sad sexy times Super-Lols - 5688521984
Created by ticoman ( Via )

Someone Get The Cap Some Counselling

captain america Sad Super-Lols wtf - 5499759104
See all captions Created by chandlerman

Looks Like Batman never Had a Christmas...

batman justice league no parents Sad santa Straight off the Page - 5549164032
Created by tweedletwit

I Think That's a Chimney and He Wants to Be Santa

Awesome Art batman Sad - 5335968256
Created by RedEarth18

Galactus: The Broken-Hearted Destroyer of Worlds

galactus planet Sad Super-Lols - 4928915968
Created by Lucane ( Via )

When She's Drunk She Just Talks Endlessly About Ex-Boyfriends

Awesome Art Sad wolverine wonder woman - 5243700224


batman Sad Super-Lols - 5040862464
See all captions Created by Unknown

Fly Away!

Awesome Art comic costume fly Sad superheroes - 5148267264
Created by Unknown

We're Not Friends, Clark

batman forever alone Sad Straight off the Page superman - 5131254528
Created by Unknown

The Saddest of Angry...

angry costume hulk kid Sad Super Costume - 5094863616

Things Will Get Better, Deadpool

angry deadpool girlfriend Sad Super-Lols wtf - 4822352896
See all captions Created by agg123