Super Sadness

Sad off the page fight - 7090912512
Created by Echo_of_Snac

His Dates Always End Early

Sad flash - 7067286016

Wreckers got Wrecked.

Sad transformers destroyed - 7065393152
Created by ThatGuyWithNoFace

See TinMan, You Do Have a Heart!

Sad Super Sentai feels - 7030463744
Created by Sosuke

You Did Good, Kid.

Sad feels Spider-Man motion comic - 7020165632
Created by madtownvox

Green Lantern Spoilers: Space Sadness

Sad Green lantern space - 7012326144
Created by Black_Stone

Can You Handle the Solomon Sadness?

Sad solomon grundy - 7006908928
Created by MrKane

The Feels

Sad off the page - 6962222848
Created by TrickyWalrus

Peter Parker; Forever Alone

Sad forever alone peter parker - 6868442112
Created by AmazingGamer

Most Holidays, Really

Sad batman holidays parents - 6810626048
See all captions Created by BlueHeart_92

Maybe They'd Like You More if You Were 80s Spidey

Sad Spider-Man avengers - 6204775168

Poor Fishey Fish

Sad joker fish - 6718032640
Created by mem0er

It Doesn't Buy Happiness, Only Justice Does

justice batman money Sad Random Heroics - 6657856000
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Bane Ol' Yeller

bane cry dogs Sad Super-Lols - 6502576640
Created by Ben

Poor Beast

beast Sad Straight off the Straight off the Page wolverine - 6466852096
Created by Battybub

Yeah, But This Puppy Has Guns

deadpool Sad Straight off the Straight off the Page wtf - 6456482048
Created by hachan