It's Not Like Batman Has a Monopoly on Sad

Sad posters the incredible hulk - 8274831360
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Everything About 'Batman Vs Superman' is Sad

Sad Batman v Superman superman - 8243766784
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Captain Lachrymose: The Saddest of Heroes

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Poor Robin

Sad forever alone robin - 7407689216
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Poor Thanos

Sad Death thanos - 7376340992
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And This Is Bat Cow

Sad batman damien - 7278344704
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Poor Batman

Sad batman parents - 7198831616
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Father/Son Moment Long Over Due, About Time

Sad son Father - 7163689472

Lie Down, Try Not to Cry, Cry A Lot

Sad deadpool wade wilson - 7164514304
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Tears, Tears everywhere.

Sad crying flash impulse - 7146567168
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9 of the Most Moving Moments in Comics

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DC, I ******* Hate You

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Larfleeze Feels

Sad feels Green lantern - 7099486208
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Bruce Is a Sad Pants

Sad off the page catwoman batman - 7111858688

A Sad, Yet Happy Rhyme

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Pies of Sadness

Sad art batman superman - 7111482368
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