Looks Like Charizard Has Lost.. Nevermind

pokedex Pokémon charizard - 7783750144
Created by Unknown

The Only Thing I Do is Press the Play Button

pokedex cries - 7582402304
Created by Guilherme.didi

What a Trendy Phrase

digimon meme Memes pokedex Pokémon - 6324921344

The Annual Dex-Holders Party is Getting ~*Fantabulous!!*~

pokedex Fan Art - 8202017280
Created by YakuzaDuragon ( Via firehorse6 )

Guess We All Need to Get a Pokédex

pokedex funny - 7477746688
Created by Umbrii ( Via Umbri )

Bulbasaur Will Always Be Number One

pokedex Pokémon bulbasaur - 7317068544
Via Maicon Costa

What the Heck Just Happened

pokedex pidgeot animation gameplay - 6870092800
Created by PokeyMew

Gary "Motherf-ing" Oak

comic gary oak pokedex wtf - 5507866112

One Does Not Simply Get Too Old for Pokémon

meme Memes pokedex - 6439366144
Created by Clucknadus

Go Home Game Freak, You Are Drunk

pokedex Game Freak Escavalier - 7119598080

Voltorb Loves to Run

pokedex Pokémon voltorb running pokemon logic - 7683786240

Dexter Analyze!

ash pokedex tumblr anime - 8281637376
Created by YakuzaDuragon

Only a Matter of Time

earth pokedex Pokémon - 6225879040
Created by Feathrnite

Pokédex Logic

pokedex Pokémon pokemon logic web comics - 8272779776
Via comicpress

A Pokémon Field Guide

art pokedex - 5102971904
Via CasteelArt

Pikachu Can't Believe What He Saw on Ash's Pokédex

ash pokedex anime pikachu - 7360418816