Professor Bane

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Created by ScizorKick

Bad Lie, Oak

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Created by SaniOKh

I Need a Cold Shower, Oh... Wait

pokedex krookodile creepy - 6894544384
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Philosoarcheops: Gotta Nom 'Em All!

meme Memes philosoarcheops philosoraptor pokedex - 5648613120
See all captions Created by m.K-BOOM

Stunfisk is the Ugliest Pokémon

pokedex Pokémon wtf stunfisk - 7088460288
Created by datcress

Have You Ever Read Parasect's Pokedex Entry?

pokemon memes parasect is the worst
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Durant, the Smartest Insect Pokémon

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Created by Kaelexx

What About Before There Was a Pokédex?

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This is One Twisted Book

pokedex 666 - 7845163264
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Worse Than Slender

scary pokedex slender - 6735034368
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Emboar Paradox

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Why is This App Not Made Yet?

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A Little Help, Please

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Got My Pokédex Entry... Seeya

Pokémon pokedex web comics awkward zombie - 8233001728
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I See You Found My Dex Entry

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Really, Ash?

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Created by Buizel0708