Something About This Pokédex Looks Familiar...

pokedex Pokémon anime mewtwo - 8017557760
Created by MegaAbsol ( Via pokemon-x-y-anime )

Worth It

pokedex amazon IRL amazing - 6943447296
Created by TheBrinz

Zubat of the Sea? Where Are the Tentacools?

pokedex Rage Comics tentacool zubat - 5660016384
Created by Obi-brown

Ditto Smash

ditto pokedex rock smash stone the internets - 6165858560

That's No Pokémon

pokedex Pokémon IRL Cats - 7852691968

No Wonder She Wanted Me Out of the House

Memes mom pokedex Pokémon professor oak - 5720494848
See all captions Created by Vaginal

What if Yugoslavia Was a Pokémon?

Pokémon pokedex - 8005642752

Damn Pokémon, You Scary

pokedex - 8539791360
Created by klunni

I Expect Better From Office Drone

excel meme Memes pokedex - 5950821632
Created by CapeHighlander ( Via TheWalker )

Professor Oak's Twisted Mind

meme Memes pokedex professor oak - 5436965120
Created by ToxicThunderX

Pokedex Problems

Escavalier meme Memes pokedex - 5934839296

Pokédex Entry Origins

pokedex origins - 8274355200
gardevoir pokedex types Video - 24434433

A Chun-Li Gardevoir?!

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Diglett Wednesday: The Mystery Continues

diglett diglett wednesday Memes pokedex weight - 6411107072
Created by vaporeon22

I Learned a Lot, Imma Genius

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I'm Not Familiar With This 'Mouse' Creature...

ash IRL pikachu pokedex - 4880497920
See all captions Created by why_u_no_has_cheezburger