What Sick Person Would Do That?

magikarp comics the gamer cat - 7220919808
Created by _Michael_ ( Via The Gamer Cat )

Magikarp Bait

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Created by Derp-a-derp ( Via pre00 )

Using Magikarp Was Worth it

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Via Cryoprime

Trolling Before It Was Cool

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Created by Unknown

Maybe You Shouldn't Splash Your Girlfriend

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Created by Unknown

You Srs?

Battle magikarp anime - 6815831296
Created by Unknown

Generation Six: Have We Learned Nothing?

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Created by Unknown

Top Percentage of Magikarps

facepalm fisherman gameplay magikarp pikachu top percentage - 6202740224
Created by Unknown

Only Tears

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Created by Swift-Justice

Arceus the Magikarp

magikarp splash arceus - 6794315264
Created by Madhatter-Himself ( Via madhatter-himself )

When You Take Away the Splash What's Left?

Via nhum53

Evolve THIS!

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Created by PhilLovesPorygonZ

The One Time You Wouldn't Want Magikarp to Evolve

magikarp IRL hat - 7062105856
Via Savannah Mitchell

Heck Yeah, Magikarp!

Via whiteman_can_jump
Pokémon magikarp nostalgia - 108806

Never Forget When James Caught His First Magikarp!

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Bad Luck Trainer: Just Wait Until Level Twenty

bad luck brian magikarp meme Memes splash - 6276532224
Created by Unknown