Only Tears

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Created by Swift-Justice

Glub Glub

pokemon memes magikarp fan art
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Dreams (Nightmares) Do Come True!

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Created by Rainbow_Dash_Attack

You Srs?

Battle magikarp anime - 6815831296
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Getting Tired of your Crap, Professor!

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Later on After Autopsy, It Was Determined Arceus Fainted Due to Natural Causes

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Any Harder Challenges?

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How People View You: The New Generation

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The One Time Magikarp Wins

magikarp splash yamcha anime comic - 6813351680
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Masochistic Magikarp

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Created by sm0kemonster

Magikarp is the Best Pokémon

crossover magikarp Dragon Ball Z - 8204632320
Created by TheKragen
magikarp videos elite 4 - 52079873

Can Magikarp Beat the Elite 4?

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Frailty, Thy Name is Magikarp

Pokémon magikarp chespin gifs oh god why - 7696252672
Created by DineshThePoet

Scumbag Magikarp Doesn't Even Let Nothing Happen, Pokéman

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Created by Robert_Leonheart_Austin

Arceus the Magikarp

magikarp splash arceus - 6794315264
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Magikarp's Long Lost Brother

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Created by Joshawott_