Your Nigelkarp Has Evolved!

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This Proves Everyone Has Massive Potential

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Looks Like Pokémon's Most Notoriously Useless Move is Actually Good in Sun and Moon

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Frailty, Thy Name is Magikarp

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But Nothing Happens...

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So I Splashed My Way to Level 20

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Created by evilweasel24

When You Take Away the Splash What's Left?

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Wrath of Magikarp

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Pokédex! STAHP!

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This Is What the Mayans Predicted for 2012

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Buff Magikarp is Making a Splash

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Splash Hard

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Created by Luchabro

Just Look at It...

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Generation Six: Have We Learned Nothing?

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Sorry You Had to Hear It From Me

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Any Harder Challenges?

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