This Gyarados Cake is Awesome

gyarados cake IRL - 7631182848
Created by Skittyscat

We Are All Gonna Die

gyarados magikarp evolution - 7031175168
Created by jasa12 ( Via Facebook )

GYARaDOS Needs to Conduct Some Tests

gyarados mashup Portal - 7091191808
Via Fifty Shapes of Gyarados

Using Magikarp Was Worth it

art awesome best of week gyarados IRL magikarp - 5938787328
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Move Over Arceus

gyarados art favorite pokemon - 6978882816
Created by Rue ( Via Coelasquid )

Once It Appears...

best of week confuse ray confusion fuuuu gifs golbat gyarados Memes - 5934640640
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The Internet's Reaction to Lady Gyarados is Nothing Short of Wonderful

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Too Much WEEDle

gyarados FAIL mistakes weedle - 8321491712
Created by Unknown

What a Nice Sentiment

dream world Druddigon gyarados happy - 6567851008
Created by Unknown

She's Going Adventuring With Me

gyarados if you know what i mean shiny - 6605629696
Created by excaliburn125

The Great Wave of Kanto

gyarados Pokémon Fan Art kanto - 8437578496
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Gyarados Used Splash

gyarados wtf art magikarp evolution - 7536980480
Created by DineshThePoet ( Via coelasquid )

I Have Never More Wished That Pokémon Were Real

pokemon memes gyarados wtf r u looking at

You Lied

gyarados pokemon fusion funny zapdos - 8292138496
Created by Unknown

Who's That Pokemon?

caterpie fusion gyarados Pokémans whos-that-pokemon - 5419330304
Created by Unknown

Gyarados Used Splash. Run!

attack Fan Art gyarados splash - 4994219264
Created by Derek.ichc