Wait Your Turn Gyarados!

gyarados mega charizard X charizard - 7832712448
Created by Houndoom-Kaboom

Level 20...

gyarados magikarp meme Memes Team Rocket They Said - 6264130304

Shiny Magikarp Problems

gyarados meme Memes - 6434356224

It Gets Better

best of week Evolve gyarados magikarp - 5399034880

You Lied

gyarados pokemon fusion funny zapdos - 8292138496
Created by timetock

Never Stop Believing in Yourself

gyarados art magikarp - 7085872384
Via Xinai

Gyarados Used Splash

gyarados wtf art magikarp evolution - 7536980480
Created by DineshThePoet ( Via coelasquid )

Potential Has Value

gyarados magikarp potential - 7055651328

Your Nigelkarp Has Evolved!

gyarados magikarp evolution Memes nigel thornberry - 7371441152
Created by jasenandstuff

Gyarados is Coming for You

pokemon memes gyarados fan art
Via witnesstheabsurd

It's That Thing When You Get Your Chihuahua to Pull You on a Skateboard

gyarados red surf - 4945627904
Via fypokemon.tumblr.com

You Don't Say

gameplay gyarados meme Memes TV you dont say - 6166016000

A Fate Far Worse Than Pangoro's

gyarados serebii Pangoro mega evolutions - 7974036224
Created by KTVX94

Hyper Beam Your Pain Away

attract best of week comic gyarados hyper beam Sad - 6462236928
Via quadforcefive

You Can't Handle Weedle

gyarados rare weedle mistake - 6749112064

Gyarados Used Splash. Run!

attack Fan Art gyarados splash - 4994219264
Created by Derek.ichc
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