Kill Me, Please

gyarados pokemon fusion gloom - 8359963648
Created by Dharcnyss

You Don't Say

gameplay gyarados meme Memes TV you dont say - 6166016000
Created by Unknown

Classic: Wait... Magikarp Is Evolving

best of week classic evolving gyarados Memes - 5280023552
Created by The_Pipe

Dat Gyarad-ass

dat ass gyarados lapras Memes tv show - 5153871872
Created by JAguirre1231

Worth it in the End

gyarados Badass magikarp evolution - 6883362048
Created by Rapidsom

Splash is an Underrated Move

bidoof gyarados splash the internets - 6252099840

Grind Magikarp, World Domination

Battle comic derp gyarados magikarp - 5451660288
Created by Orochimartyr

Too Much WEEDle

gyarados FAIL mistakes weedle - 8321491712
Created by Unknown

Eff the Police

gyarados manga lysandre - 8207077888
Created by CutieFennekin ( Via foolz )

I Have Never More Wished That Pokémon Were Real

pokemon memes gyarados wtf r u looking at
best of week gyarados magikarp Music pikachu Video - 38418433

The Magikarp Song

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Just about How Many Poké Balls You Need to Catch Enough Magikarps in Pokémon GO for a Gyarados

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Don't Even Think About Messing With Flying-Type Gyarados

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Never Stop Believing in Yourself

gyarados art magikarp - 7085872384
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Misty's Gyarados

art gyarados misty water type - 5316716032
Created by Daveit ( Via i52.tinypic.com )

The Great Wave of Kanto

gyarados Pokémon Fan Art kanto - 8437578496
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