Mine, Mine, Mine

pokemon memes wingull mine
Via birdcheese

Gotta Be Given Them All

gifs professor oak Pokémon web comics - 8140955648
Via ReadySoupComic

Rock on, Turtwig

gifs anime hnnng cute Turtwig - 7064675840

Weapon of Choice: Frying Pan

anime frying pan gifs Team Rocket tv-movies - 5617646592

Grumpy Hawlucha

gifs hawlucha - 8134577664
Created by MegaManLight


pokemon memes pikachu togepi gif
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Maybe Magiana Comes Pre-Equipped With a Ball

pokemon memes magiana ball gif
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Double the Leer

Deal With It gifs kabuto leer meme Memes - 6456134144

You Should See Your Face!

pokemon memes pikachu gif

Oh Yeah, Oh Yeah

wtf creeper gifs pikachu - 8603985408
Created by memefield ( Via redminus )

Jessie's Hair is Not Very Effective at Moving Correctly

Team Rocket wtf gifs anime - 7383297536
Via imstaringatyourpokeballs

Oh, James

gifs Team Rocket anime james - 6719742720
Created by mashed_potatos

What Did Ya Just Say Ab--

anime gifs Meowth - 8274224640
Created by Gabo2oo

The Most Stressful Moment of Your Childhood

gifs anime poke balls - 7604518144
Via missyandere

Not Going in No Dang Pokeball

anime cute gifs pikachu pokeball tv-movies - 6157801984

Oh, Hi There!

gifs anime pikachu - 7847668992
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