Yes Children, Feed the Pikachu

creepy funny pikachu - 7926340864

Iwanko Just Got Wasted

Via pokemon.meme

Cannot Unsee the Face

eevee Japan funny - 7462100736
Created by DopplerEffect

Pokémon's Response to the Early Releases of Pokémon X & Y

Pokémon twitter fake funny - 7833128192

Be Free Butterfree!

class Pokémon friends squirtle sad but true pikachu bulbasaur funny - 8803943680
Created by mattstaff

The New Eevee 3DS LL Coming Out in Japan

news eevee 3DS Japan funny - 7461988864

Jigglypuff is a Great Stylist

Pokémon jigglypuff Avatar funny - 7514275072
Via angelwingkitty

Chansey Has Flat out Had It

Via ratpoison35

All Hail the Dream Eating Spoink

Via zyguard

Just Be Thankful You're Not Getting Bidoofs

that'd be great wonder trade funny - 7918983168
Created by skewlkid521 ( Via Cheezburger iOS Builder )
Pokémon videos amazing funny - 50424065

We Need a Pokémon Fighting Game

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videos pokemon logic funny - 50426369

IRL Pokémon Logic

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Poor Squirtle

forever alone starters charmander squirtle funny - 7420612608
Pokémon snorlax pokemon sun and moon funny - 928005

Snorlax Woke up in the Latest Pokémon Sun and Moon Trailer, and the Internet Reacted in Hilarious Fashion

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You're a Little Slow, Squirtpoke

pokemon fusion funny - 7515564800
Via ecrybify

Can't Wait to Take in All the Pokémon X/Y Scenery

Pokémon all the things Memes funny pokemon x/y - 7459551744
Created by Unknown
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