Diglett Wednesday: Vanilluxe's Secret

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Oh Hi There!

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The Pokémon Metagame in Nutshell

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The BEST Way to Put out a Fire

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This Would Be Awesome in Gen VI

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Kangaskhan Was Ahead of the Curve

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Play Pokémon, Have Fun, and Enjoy the Experience

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Oak's Pokémon Rush

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Pokémon's Response to the Early Releases of Pokémon X & Y

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That Sad Moment When Bidoof Served Its Ultimate Purpose on the Field of Battle

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ALLLLL the Zubats

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Understanding Metapod's Perpetual State of Listlessness at a Cellular Level

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Golurk Reprises His Role as the Iron Giant

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A Somewhat Valid Representation

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That Musical Number Was Harsh

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