We All Have Embarrassing Gen 1 Moments

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There's a Lapras Nearby...

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How Do Huge Pokémon Hide in the Tall Grass?

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Vulpix is So Kawaii

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Artist with No Knowledge of Pokémon Doodles Dozens of Them and It's Completely Nuts

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My Reaction to Trainer Customization News

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These Game Covers for Mystery Dungeon Are Better Than the Original

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Oh God, They're Coming... Run! Run for Your Lives!

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The Intensity Is Palpable

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Hydrocephalus Confirmed

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Pikachu is the Perfect Wingman

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WTF Just Happened?

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You Can Now Become a True Pokémon Master Thanks to These Pokémon-Themed Sex Toys

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It Better Not Take This Long to Catch a Shiny

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Ruby and Sapphire Remakes? You Are Dismissed, My Good Sir

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When You Got That Immunity

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